Due to regulatory laws, we cannot make any guarantees or health-related claims about our products or CBD in general. However, you can take a look at what our real customers are saying about our products!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“LOVE the sample pack. I have tried the liquids for the last two days and  I have never slept better. Amazing. Ate a gummy today, just as good. Thank you so much for offering the sample packs for us to try.” – Veronica S.

Extreme Terpene Tinctures

“Best relief I have ever had.” – Margaret D.

“Was on a bunch of meds for anxiety and depression. Also was taking gabapentin and valerian root. I am off of all of that and only take the 1500 Anytime and 1500 PM. I feel normal for the first time in years! My head doesn’t start its own spinning with thoughts, etc. I don’t have the depression any longer. I can feel at peace during conversations and don’t hear my head rushing into anxious thoughts. It truly changed my life!” – Josh M.

“Went to the local CBD store and paid $100 per bottle and it did nothing for us. Tried the 1500 Anytime [Tincture] and, wow, what a difference! My husband and I actually sleep very sound and this is all that we are doing different. Haven’t had arthritic pain since I started either. If others would just try this instead they wouldn’t think that CBD doesn’t work!!” – Donna P.

“I Love the [Extreme] Terpenes!!! They have gotten me off Tylenol that I was taking every 6 hours for severe nerve pain post 7 surgeries on my right leg due to Covid blood clots. Still more healing to do but your Terpenes are a BIG part of my healing journey.” – Janeal L.

“I had my toenail removed and it was very red and tender. I used the Extreme Terpenes on it and the redness vanished completely and it healed much faster than expected.” – Joyce B.

“I can bend down and tie my shoes now!” – Jane N.

“I have suffered with daily headaches for 40 years. I am grieving my husband’s sudden death, trying to figure out my life and suddenly I realized the headaches are GONE!!! The sleep issues much improved with the PM Terpenes and a tape of Holy Spirit music. I have never slept so well after the traumatic past years . . . I have suffered for so long and [your products] are changing my life.” – Hallie N.

“My son’s kidney stones were so painful. He took the 1500 Anytime and not only passed the stones but did so without pain.” – Carolyn M.

“I am exercising and working in my garden again.” – Elizabeth P.

“I have been using Extreme Terpenes 1000 Anytime.  It is great for your skin, for pain, and you don’t get tired. I call it a blessing in a bottle. I was on 3 x 800 ibuprofen per day. I was on digestive enzymes to digest each meal and no longer need to do this.” – Petra M.

“It has been over 5 years since I have slept like this!” – Edna M.

“Burned my finger directly on the red heating element of the convection oven. Used 1 drop of the 1500 Anytime directly on it right after. Took the pain completely away instantly. No ice! No blister, no scar. . .” – D.B.

“I tried two other brands and came back to this one since this is what worked!” – Margo L.

“I am taking the PM terpenes and am now sleeping again.” – Alex V.

“My husband has been using the Extreme Terpenes for more than a month on his severe toenail fungus! It has made a tremendous improvement already!” – Debbie L.

“I wanted to give a big SHOUT OUT thank you for your product. I have been using it for 3 weeks. I had a legion on my mouth above my lip for two years. It actually started as a small pimple from wearing a surgical mask which was required at my workplace . . . It felt like something was eating at it, itchy, it got crusty, it would bleed, get big, (looked like a cold sore). I used frankincense, peroxide and silver on it, which it got to a certain point of healing and then it would come back. So for now, this product, 1000 mg Extreme Terpenes is healing this legion. (And prayer!) I apply a small drop several times a day, and have applied before bedtime and put a band aid on it as well to keep it moist. Oh, and I have applied it on some dime size age spots on my arm, which they are fading. WHAT? So cool…” – D.E.

“Topically, I applied [The Extreme Terpenes] and overnight the red spot on my hand shrunk by one-third. The swelling and redness were completely gone after four days of use.” – Edna M.

“I have been applying it to my toes for about 1 ½ months now. The toe fungus seems to be dying.” – Daryl K.

“I have found that your PM Extreme Terpenes does the trick when I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep because of my pain. It is not unusual for me to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep now. I don’t need it every night, but when I do, it works within about 15 minutes and I don’t feel drugged in the AM. Thank you for this product!” – Paul H.

“I use both the 1500A & PM both internally and topically. I use it topically for outbreaks of cold sores. All I do is when I feel like one is coming up, I put the 1500A or 1500PM on it. I experience a rapid healing from it.” – Virgie R.


Diana F.

I have to tell you, those dog vitamins brought my old chihuahua back to life. I mean she’s like a puppy again, she’s all shiny, her hair looks darker… she looks great.
I’m very thankful, thanks so much for that.

Ronda S.

The Hip and Joint pet formula has helped my little french bulldog so much! She got a spot on her face so I had already ordered this product before taking her to the vet to see about it. It was bleeding and would not get well. We gave her the prescribed antibiotics and steroids but it did not heal the spot. The supplement arrived the day of her recheck. The vet recommended surgery to remove it and suspected cancer… [A]fter 5 days I canceled the surgery and just watching it for now. It appears that she is getting well. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I also ordered the anytime formula for myself… it’s awesome as well.

Wendy E.

We’ve been ordering your Hip and Joint Canna-chews for pets and see an extreme difference in our dog’s behavior and activity level after taking your product. Max is an eleven-year-old, large-sized, King Shepherd who has severe hip dysplasia.  With your product, it is apparent he is not in pain and even takes the lead when walking. He hasn’t felt good enough to do that in a while. We’ve been looking for items to help him for years. Your product is fantastic.

Beyond the quotes above, we regularly receive multiple testimonies of our products helping with:

  • Pain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nerve issues
  • Kidney stones
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis


  • Toe fungus
  • Bee stings
  • Bug bites
  • Skin growths
  • Poison oak
  • Burns