Due to regulatory laws, we aren’t allowed to make any guarantees or health-related claims about our products or CBD in general. However, you can take a look at what our real customers are saying about our products!

Extreme Terpene Tinctures

“Best relief I have ever had.” – Margaret D.

“Was on a bunch of meds for anxiety and depression. Also was taking gabapentin and valerian root. I am off of all of that and only take the 1500 Anytime and 1500 PM. I feel normal for the first time in years! My head doesn’t start its own spinning with thoughts, etc. I don’t have the depression any longer. I can feel at peace during conversations and don’t hear my head rushing into anxious thoughts. It truly changed my life!” – Josh M.

“Went to the local CBD store and paid $100 per bottle and it did nothing for us. Tried the 1500 Anytime [Tincture] and, wow, what a difference! My husband and I actually sleep very sound and this is all that we are doing different. Haven’t had arthritic pain since I started either. If others would just try this instead they wouldn’t think that CBD doesn’t work!!” – Donna P.

“I had my toenail removed and it was very red and tender. I used the Extreme Terpenes on it and the redness vanished completely and it healed much faster than expected.” – Joyce B.

“I can bend down and tie my shoes now!” – Jane N.

“I have suffered with daily headaches for 40 years. I am grieving my husband’s sudden death, trying to figure out my life and suddenly I realized the headaches are GONE!!! The sleep issues much improved with the PM Terpenes and a tape of Holy Spirit music. I have never slept so well after the traumatic past years . . . I have suffered for so long and [your products] are changing my life.” – Hallie N.

“My son’s kidney stones were so painful. He took the 1500 Anytime and not only passed the stones but did so without pain.” – Carolyn M.

“I am exercising and working in my garden again.” – Elizabeth P.

“It has been over 5 years since I have slept like this!” – Edna M.

“Burned my finger directly on the red heating element of the convection oven. Used 1 drop of the 1500 Anytime directly on it right after. Took the pain completely away instantly. No ice! No blister, no scar. . .” – D.B.

“I tried two other brands and came back to this one since this is what worked!” – Margo L.

“I am taking the PM terpenes and am now sleeping again.” – Alex V.

“Topically, I applied [The Extreme Terpenes] and overnight the red spot on my hand shrunk by one-third. The swelling and redness were completely gone after four days of use.” – Edna M.

“I have been applying it to my toes for about 1 ½ months now. The toe fungus seems to be dying.” – Daryl K.

“I have found that your PM Extreme Terpenes does the trick when I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep because of my pain. It is not unusual for me to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep now. I don’t need it every night, but when I do, it works within about 15 minutes and I don’t feel drugged in the AM. Thank you for this product!” – Paul H.

“I use both the 1500A & PM both internally and topically. I use it topically for outbreaks of cold sores. All I do is when I feel like one is coming up, I put the 1500A or 1500PM on it. I experience a rapid healing from it.” – Virgie R.


“I have to tell you, those dog vitamins brought my old chihuahua back to life. I mean she’s like a puppy again, she’s all shiny, her hair looks darker… she looks great. I’m very thankful, thanks so much for that.” – Diana F.

Beyond the quotes above, we regularly receive multiple testimonies of our products helping with:
– Pain
– Sleeplessness
– Nerve issues
– Kidney stones
– Anxiety
– Arthritis

– Toe fungus
– Bee stings
– Bug bites
– Skin growths
– Poison oak